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"...the odds of conceiving went up about 65% for women given acupuncture."

-USA Today


Looking into options for help with conception can be a little confusing and more than a little upsetting. This article presents information on a natural approach that supports your body in functioning normally. It is an approach that helps your body work the way it is intended to work.

You may be comfortable with the treatment recommended by your OB or fertility specialist, but want to enhance the outcome of treatment.  Someone may have told you to try acupuncture because it improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. Acupuncture can be an effective supplement to conventional infertility care. Clinical reports and research on acupuncture suggest that acupuncture can augment fertility and enhance infertility treatment. Some of the research supports the use of acupuncture to increase sperm motility and reduce the presence of abnormal sperm, regulate the hormones directly involved in follicular development and implantation, increase rates of pregnancy when used before and after embryo replacement, and increase blood supply to the uterus and ovaries. It can be also be used for specific health problems such as PCOS and irregular cycles. Treatment can be used in addition to Western medical infertility treatment or as the only treatment for infertility.

On the other hand, you may have tried or investigated the use of pharmaceuticals such as Clomed, IUIs or invetro, and think that they may not be the answer for you right now. You want to know what else is available. In the West, Chinese medicine is strongly associated with acupuncture, and many people are unaware that there are other aspects Chinese medicine. You may not know that Chinese medicine was the primary system of health care for over three thousand years; that it has been tested for thousands of years on millions of people. Acupuncture is not synonymous with Chinese medicine. It is just one aspect of it. For fertility treatment, I use primarily three branches of Chinese medicine: acupuncture, herbology, and nutritional counseling. Using three together is a more powerful means of supporting the natural functioning and good health of your body.

Treatment is aimed at:

Balancing the menstrual cycle so that the length of cycle is within a normal range with fertile mucus, mid-cycle ovulation, and efficient bleeding

Regulating ovulation so that the egg is at its best time of development when it is released

Improving the fertile mucus that helps guide the sperm to the egg

Promoting efficient menstrual bleeding because it is important for the fertilized egg to have a healthy endometrium for implantation. Ideal menstrual bleeding  is red, and without clots.

Enhancing egg development because it is under the influence of the mothers hormones. 

Improving sperm quality can be extremely important in improving the chances of conceiving children. It is estimated that with approximately 40 percent of couples who are having difficulty conceiving, the cause is male infertility.

Improving the success of embryo implantation has been documented. This has been documented by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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During pregnancy, acupuncture is used for problems such as nausea and vomiting, constipation, and insomnia.

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